The Hands, the Health and How we move – Elizabeth Caron D.O.

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The Hands, the Health and How we move – Elizabeth Caron D.O.

CME: Anticipated NMM/OMM 1A specialty AOA CME credits.

Osteopathic hands and ergonomics, the interface between using our hands to sense the Health and to promote longevity in the practitioner. 

Therapeutic hand evaluations and exercises will be done as well as detailed anatomical slides to demonstrate common pathologies that can occur with Osteopaths doing OMT on a daily basis. In addition, we will address how to use the classic cranial hand holds in a way the lines up biodynamically with the Heath to enhance the therapeutic processes.  Interactive lectures and practicals will be done to explore these principles.

Co-Director Heidi Wills OT, certified occupational and hand therapist.  Heidi Wills Bio

Max capacity 18 students.

Recommended prerequisites: BioBasics is recommended

Course Fee: For registrations and payments received less than 90 days prior to the course the fee will be $475.00.  Fee is discounted to $425.00 for early registrations and payments received 90 days prior to the course.

**Please note if you register for Dr. Caron’s two courses in May, The Hands, The Health and How We Move and Midline and Ignition there is a course discount to attend both of $925.00.  Must be registered and course fee paid more than 90 days prior to the course.