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In the dark night of the soul, bright flows the river of God. St. John of the Cross.  Thank you Jim.

Paul Capobianco

Jim had so much to offer us and one thing rarely discussed was his outstanding sense of humor. I’d laugh at most of the tangential side comments he would say.

One day, while discussing some anatomical considerations and naming the anatomy, which had a Proper Name attached to it (i.e. Sibson’s Fascia, Ligament of Trietz, Canal of Schlemm), Jim said, “You can’t go a half an inch into the body without running into someone’s ego.” I think I wet my pants laughing!

Robert Trafeli

Dr. James Jealous will always be in my memories. His spirit shows up when I’m treating people and I respect and honor what I learned from him.

Maria Taame

Once in Ashland, we finished our first day of phase II, and I saw Jim in his truck in the parking lot. He was there for about 20 minutes. I couldn’t understand what was happening. The day after when we meet again before his lecture I asked him about that and he told me, “Oh I was waiting for the tide to tell me where to go.” Amazing answer nothing more to say.

Thank Jim you were and you always will be my mentor because you are more powerful there where ever you are. I can say that because I can feel it every day since you have gone. You guide us and you were and always will be a lit candle in the middle of the middle of the dark.

Thanks Marnee again for sharing such a beautiful place to be with your father. Thank you from the deep of my heart.

Sergio Romero

I see you in everything from nothingness every moment. Miss you. You see it. I know.

Xenia Jellos

Dr Jealous: You always points us to the right directions. It really takes 10 years at least to orient our perceptions. Your Presence is Living evidence of Truth and the True Path. Keep Waiting, Listening, Watching. Grateful for all the sweet memories throughout the years. Hope to return and reflect on our path here annually on your Birthday.

George Tseng

Every day I am in the office, I think of you, Jim. After seeing patients, I always read at least one passage in The Osteopathic Odyssey. Happy Birthday Jim! You are the best.

Jeffrey Etemad

Happy Birthday dear Jim! I now you see us… And you see in us!

Our met it was like a shock being made by freedom! It was first time when the teacher didn’t talk to us using the terms otherwise he made a challenge to us so we didn’t use any terms!

He didn’t attempt to insert something into our minds, otherwise he misleaded us and take out all theories, personal oponion and thoughts from it… To leave more pure space for emptiness and deep silence that will lead us to the eternal Breath of Life!

Thank you a hundred million times for everything. I miss you very much! Love you and see you…

– Your “Rebel” Max.

Maxim Gritsenko

I will never forget how much love Jim gave us. During a phase, he would first look at all of us, and then open the space to share his immense knowledge in such a generous way! I will always miss him!

Claudia Matta

I often listen to Jim’s recorded lectures on my way to work. I’m so grateful that he made these, because listening to them, hearing his voice… it feels like he’s just there in the car with me. Sometimes I forget he’s gone because it feels so real. I remain grateful for all the faculty he taught who continue to pass his experience to us through live teaching; and for the community he has created – through the love he shared with every student. He lived his teaching of osteopathy as service, as beauty, as love.

Bonnie Wong

You have been and will always be with me. I meet you when I was in my 3rd year of medical school. Your guidance and love over the last 30 years has shaped the experience within the treatments for both myself and patients. I am eternally grateful for this connection… and the connection is “alive.”

I remember a course in NH about 23 year ago, you said, “you are moving ahead of the Tide… SLOW DOWN” This lesson is also “alive” – I still have to be conscious of slowing down.

What an amazingly beautiful human being. We are all so blessed to have traveled together within Osteopathy.

Tasha Turzo

Jim’s legacy continues to grow, constantly informing and transforming our practice. The importance of his contribution to Osteopathy is yet to be fully established, but he probably saved it from being reduced to something very different from what was meant by A.T. Still.

As a teacher, he was able to instill love and respect on every level, in every facet of our practice, touching our hearts, restoring the connection with our lineage, with the principles that make Osteopathy unique.

Cassia Rocha Rocha

We were sitting in the lab one day, I had my hands around somebody’s head, not sure if I was feeling what I was “supposed to feel,” worried that I wasn’t “doing it right,” and Jim walked by, took one look and said, “Mike, turn down the voltage in your fingers.” (!) Problem solved…

Mike Herr

Thanks Jim, you are and you always be in our hearts. I remember you always said when we share a treatment “Hey look, something is been cooking over here.”

“Osteopathy is getting out of the closet” – another of his great quotes.

Thanks Marnee for sharing with us your father’s birthday.

Sergio Romero

“Captain Jim” enlightened us by sharing his literally sacred insight. He once said to us “it’s all a lie” which I found was a call to wake up, be present, don’t get in the way of the Tide, and… don’t lie to oneself.

Peter Kash

My heart hears your voice guiding me; in treatments, in life. I reach out my hand and you are always there to hold it. We take a big breath together, look at each other and laugh… Just as we did in life.

Beth Clarke

Back in the late 90s I was doing my residency in the Bronx, at a city hospital that I found to be a very hard place to thrive, even doing osteopathy full-time. My solace were the many trips I took to Franconia to be with Jim. Once, I said to him, “Jim, I used to eat very light breakfasts, sometimes even just fruit. How come ever since I got to the Bronx, all I eat are bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches?” He put his massive hand on my shoulder, said matter of factly, “Protein’s a shock absorber,” and turned and walked away. Happy Birthday Jim!

Joseph Tieri

Jim’s early teachings ranged from house calls to fly fishing – that is, staying out late after patient visits, having a hamburger and coffee in a small general store before midnight, to standing in cold water all day and having a hamburger and coffee to try to warm up at noon. Actually there was so much more – there was reading the people, the patients, their families, and bringing peace and resolve to the dying, hope to the unwell, and humor when things got too serious, to learning to “read the River,” and the insects and forest, which was the same whether you were fishing on the river, or reading the River of Life in the office. Jim brought sanity to the confusion, and Light to the unseen. Always generous, always patient, and always kind, with chainsaw or stethoscope.

Jim Gaydos DO

I remember a particular phase 4, where a conversation about hot dog and strawberry jam toast took place. The conversation had the whole room heartily laughing. At some point, it felt like a waterfall of fairy dust filled the room… Phase courses with Jim healed me in meaningful and profound ways. Thank you…

Alice Chen

We were at the Portland Oregon study group meeting for our yearly get together. Jim and I had gone over to a nearby town for dinner. We were driving back and it was deliciously quiet in the car. When out of the silence Jim said something simple to me and he used my childhood name, which I had never told him. My mind became silent in the deep love for my friend, who I deeply miss, but yet he’s always with me.

Michael Smith

Jim, thank you for the gift of the lectures and for guiding our profession. Your reminder to drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring rings true everyday.

Hovsep Babayan

Dear James, I’ve heard a lot about you and I feel that I intuitively have a connection with you. I haven’t reached the level of your understanding yet, but I’m on my way. I can already clearly see glimpses of the approaching, new. Seeing this, I went straight to the light. But the path is not always smooth, and knowing this, I accept and know, I anticipate that a meeting with you will happen. Life is such that we consider ourselves alive when we can touch, catch breath or warmth from another. So yes, but this is one of the dimensions most familiar to people. A person can be touched, heard, met and otherwise. Just let yourself feel, in confidence, in silence and attention. Everything is fine with you, James, we will definitely meet. We’ve already met. With love from Russia.

Anton Wolkow

An osteopathic odyssey will be continued; he showed the way he took, explained and transmitted us with the faculty. I haven’t been in Montréal yet, but when the moment will arrive, I’m sure I will miss him, but his presence will continue…

Nicolas Peronnet

While spending time with Jim in his office, I noticed a little sign by his desk, which often comes to mind, particularly when I need it most: Tempo. Patience. Acceptance.

Dawn Cieplensky

I often think of Jim saying: “It’s not about you.” Still working on it Jim! Miss you!

Tom Stason

Among all the beautiful quotes and words regards to the Osteopathic area, Jim always asked “did you eat?” He was very careful in regards to if we have our stomach filled, and for me this came always from his heart. He knows what was important. And he also remembered the smallest details, even way back. We always felt special in his company. He really lived osteopathically. Once I drove with him down a valley, where he suddenly asked me, “what’s the level of stillness?” And often it became a beautiful stillness in the middle of a conversation, and it felt natural. I really miss you my friend, you are still among us in love. Peace and love on your birthday.

Jan Petter Fredriksen

We all responded so ardently to Jim; this is what I think about when reflecting on being with him. While in his presence all of us carefully and fully intentionally listened to what he had to say to not miss the subtext as it was always substantial and important.

And most remarkably he shared his considerable wisdom while expressing love – he was completely full of love. I will always remember this most of all.

Laura Grady

Happy Birthday Dad! You are missed so very much. Life is not the same without you but I know you are one of my guardian angels watching over me. I cherish my memories of growing up as your daughter and you will forever remain a part of me. Thank you for teaching me the love of the outdoors and for the wonderful 16 years of working alongside you. I love you.

Marnee Jealous Long

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