About the Center for Traditional Osteopathy

James Jealous, DO

About the Center for Traditional Osteopathy

The Center for Traditional Osteopathy is dedicated to serving the Osteopathic Community. We are committed to preserving and fostering the Osteopathic Principles through education, mentorship and respect for the Soul of Osteopathy in the heritage of James Jealous, DO. We offer a collection of courses taught by faculty who have trained with Dr. Jealous for many years. These courses provide an awareness of and communication with the natural and Divine aspects of Primary Respiration. We strive to continually preserve the integrity of the Osteopathic Profession as it was presented by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still and Dr. William Garner Sutherland. The courses and dialogues on this website are dedicated to this mission and to sustaining the purity of the Principles and Practice of Traditional Osteopathy.

About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a medical practice centered on wellness; it looks for the cause of distress, as opposed to merely treating symptoms. Doctors of osteopathy (DOs) are guided by the principle that there is an intelligence within us that is always seeking health. At OHM, we have a profound respect for this self-correcting, self-healing mechanism, known in osteopathy as primary respiration.

Just as tides ebb and flow in nature, so the tide of primary respiration moves in our bodies. The quality of this natural motion reflects an individual’s state of vitality and systemic balance. In one sense, the tide itself serves as the body’s inner doctor. When the inner doctor is unable to self-correct, osteopathic treatment can often be helpful.

Your body is a unified whole of interrelated systems, which is why symptoms alone often don’t provide an accurate picture of what’s going on. Working with our hands to sense the tone, integrity, and vitality of the entire system, we locate the root cause of the problem and identify the next step in the healing process. We see this as simply helping patients heal themselves, in the safest, most effective way.

About Osteopathy

A Message from the Program Coordinator, Marnee Jealous Long

Welcome to the Center for Traditional Osteopathy.  I am dedicating this new website in honor of my father, James Jealous D.O., who passed away in 2021.   I was blessed to have him as my father.  He taught me a lot about life, the love of the outdoors, helping those in need, spirituality, empathy and so much more that I am eternally grateful for.   When I was a teenager, I worked in his office after school and witnessed his interaction and connection with patients through the healing he provided.  Later in life, he closed his practice and focused on teaching.  In 2005, he asked me to come work as his program coordinator. This was the start of an incredible journey together that continued until his passing.

My father had an undeniable love of Osteopathy. He has inspired and educated thousands of practitioners worldwide.  He has touched the lives of countless patients across the globe providing hope and most important of all – healing.

After my father passed away, I took significant time to deeply reflect on my next steps. I decided it was time to evolve and at the same time honor the legacy he created.   With some very valuable input from colleagues, the Center for Traditional Osteopathy was founded.  The intention is to keep the integrity of my father’s programs as well as expanding our offerings of programs to be a valuable resource of information to our osteopathic community.   My father trained an amazing group of colleagues to teach his curriculum and I, along with them, will do our best to keep his legacy alive and thriving.

I am incredibly proud of what we offer to patients and practitioners worldwide.  It is an honor to work alongside this incredible group of Osteopaths who truly are about health, education, community and service.

I hope that you will find our information helpful and most importantly that it provides a path to true Health.

Thank you,
Marnee Jealous Long

Marnee Jealous Long, Program Coordinator

Mission Statement of James Jealous D.O.

“Osteopathy in the cranial field has been the primary interest in my life since 1966. The creation of the Biodynamics Program came from a deep love and respect for the Soul of Osteopathy.  Through the help and kindness of exceptional teachers and years of personal interest, the beauty of Primary Respiration has become a moment to moment reality in my life. As a therapeutic tool Primary Respiration is uniquely complete in its Wholeness. It spans every dimension of the Healing Arts.

The foundation of the program is set upon the therapeutic powers of the Dynamic Stillness, the Breath of Life, the tidal potency, fluids and other Natural Laws at work supporting and generating life.  No technique will be taught other than full cooperation with the composite of the Living Mechanism and its intention within the moment. It is not about bones, or levers, or palpation. It is not about balanced membranous or ligamentous articular tension; these approaches are a different composite. It is about the Tide at work as the primary source of diagnosis and treatment with no application of force to Osteopathic lesions or psycho-emotional systems. The environment of the program is in the quiet of the Natural world with small groups of participants. Time for rest, reflection and exercise is woven into the program.

Osteopathy has shamefully hidden its Greatest Mystery and resources. I believe that to acknowledge a higher wisdom at work and to sense rather than palpate is at the Soul of Osteopathy. A soul that will not compromise the beauty and consciousness that lies beyond our intellect. Integrity demands that we speak undiluted truth. We are always perfect beginners, inspired, awed, apprehensive and self-searching.

Within the Dynamic Stillness we are healed without process or time. From the Breath of Life a new living matrix is created in each moment. The Tide brings us the power of Life and “feeds” us. The fluids respond, lawfully balancing the power of life and skillfully “driving” the continuum towards perfect proportion.

These courses provide an awareness of and communication with the natural and divine aspects of Primary Respiration. These courses are for postgraduate, fully licensed physicians with a curriculum designed for those with prior training in Osteopathy in the Cranial Field. Undergraduate courses are available through the BioBasics program.

It has and is a privilege to teach and learn Osteopathy with my fellow Osteopaths. May our efforts be of Service.”

– James Jealous D.O.

“Integrity demands that we speak undiluted truth. We are always perfect beginners, inspired, awed, apprehensive and self-searching.”  James Jealous D.O.