James Jealous DO Remembrance

Remembering and Honoring Dr. James Jealous

“Osteopathy is an opportunity to serve the suffering persons in this world through the very humbling experience of coming to know the “magnitude of the heavens” as Dr. Still described. As one grows in this work everything will slowly change until the Truth awakens the desire to serve without any reward.

Our tradition is a living organism that begins with sincere respect for all aspects of our profession…this is what can and will bind us in a healthy expression of community. Traditional Osteopathy is an oral tradition that functions through mutual love between the elders and the beginners and embraces the inner discipline and fortitude to practice what we preach.”

— James Jealous D.O.

James S. Jealous D.O. Obituary

James S. Jealous D.O. passed from this world in Medford, Oregon on February 16, 2021. He was surrounded by his beloved family and friends. Though it seemed unexpected for those around him, he said his spirit was at peace and that he knew it was his time.

Dr. Jealous was born in Saco, ME on May 12, 1943, son of the late Sargent Jealous, D.O. and Annette (Smith) Jealous. He grew up in Portland, ME developing a deep love of the outdoors. He often joked that he spent more time out in the woods than anything else. He graduated from Deering High School in 1961 where he took part in cross country, track and lettered in basketball as #12. He was voted Outstanding Tournament Player in 1960 for being the high scorer. He was also selected by his peers as Best Dancer, Class Comedian, Personality Plus, and Class President. Pursuing his goal to become a D.O., he graduated premed from the University of Vermont in 1965, then enrolled at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM), now A.T. Still University of Health Sciences (ATSU). He graduated in 1970 after completing an Anatomy Fellowship with the renowned George E. Snyder PhD. Throughout his education, he was mentored by some of the finest Osteopathic minds of the twentieth century; Ruby Day D.O., Anne Wales D.O., Rollin Becker D.O., Robert Fulford D.O. and many more.

After an Internship at the Osteopathic Hospital in Portland, he settled in Fryeburg, Maine “to be near good trout streams.” In 1970 he entered into general practice with Keith Buzzell D.O., Bud Freeman D.O., and Scott Roby D.O. In addition to seeing patients in the office, he made house calls all over the rural area. Dr. Jealous moved his practice to North Bridgton, Maine in 1978 for many years and then later went on to open practices in Vermont and New Hampshire. During his many years in practice, Dr. Jealous achieved uncanny results with his mastery of Osteopathic skill, which made him famous. Many patients came from all areas across the world to be treated by Dr. Jealous in order to get well. Dr. Jealous understood some patients couldn’t afford his services and graciously accepted items from patients in lieu of money. They would bring items such as fresh eggs from their farms, fresh vegetables from their gardens or a homemade pie.

In time, Dr. Jealous became one of the leading Osteopathic physicians in the world. His dedication to Osteopathy was unmeasurable both to his patients and continuing education of the profession. He started teaching medical students in his office in 1973 and began teaching at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1978. Soon he also was elected director of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, where he educated many post graduate physicians in traditional osteopathy. He co-founded the Anne Wales Study Group also called A Still Sutherland Study Group (ASSSG) in New England in 1984 which studies the roots of Osteopathic principles. Using his study and experience, he decided to create his own program in 1992 and authored a teaching curriculum program which would later be known as the Biodynamics of Osteopathy. This brought together his many years of learning and experiencing Osteopathy with his love of nature. It truly captured his personality and art of practicing Osteopathy. It has been a curriculum that has the largest continuing Osteopathic postgraduate following in the world. Dr. Jealous was a lecturer and member of numerous Osteopathic associations and study groups across the globe. Additionally, Dr. Jealous created an undergraduate program called BioBasics in 1993. This program offers undergraduate educational training on the foundational principles in Osteopathy. Dr. Jealous has taught thousands of Osteopathic medical students and physicians through the years and his programs continue to this day.

In 2003, he retired from general practice to dedicate all of his time to teaching Osteopaths all over the world. He traveled to numerous countries teaching his love of Osteopathy to fellow Osteopaths and helped establish numerous training programs to mentor young Osteopaths. Finally, in 2009, he settled down in Southern Oregon with his wife Anna-Maria and their son Samuel to continue teaching and enjoy the wild rivers of the Pacific Coast.

Dr. Jealous had a love for children and founded many Pediatric clinics all over the world including London, Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria, Russia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. It brought him happiness that these children’s clinics and training programs sprouted out of his teaching and helped so many children and their families. These programs are still running leaving an incredible legacy behind. He always spoke beautifully and with such love for his own children Samuel and Marnee and his grandchild Lauren.

As a devoted writer, Dr. Jealous published several books including most recently a children’s book. He wrote poems, reflections and created his own audio lecture series with 67 lectures on various aspects of the Biodynamics of Osteopathy.

Dr. Jealous was an avid outdoorsman and he felt at peace in the wilderness and truly enjoyed nature. His deep passion was fishing, which included tying his own flies and fishing every river in Maine and New Hampshire and numerous in Oregon. He took trips to remote areas including Alaska and Labrador to fish and hunt. He had a love of pick-up trucks, french-fries, giving restaurant recommendations and meeting anyone for breakfast.

He was and always will be beloved around the world by his family, friends, patients and colleagues. His spiritual life was exceedingly important to him and he had a deep connection to God. He was an amazing husband, father, grandfather, teacher, physician, mentor, friend and confidant. He was extremely generous giving openly to anyone and did so very humbly. He was a healer and helped countless people over the years. He had a gift like no other and there will never be anyone like him. He has touched many, many lives around the world.

Dr. Jealous is survived by his wife Anna-Maria and their son Samuel of Talent, OR; his daughter Marnee, her husband Michael and their daughter Lauren (his granddaughter) of Apollo Beach, FL; his brother Fred Jealous and spouse Ann of Pacific Grove, CA, his brother Bill and spouse Jonnie of Shapleigh, ME along with nieces and nephews.

James Jealous DO Remembrance