Stillness, Silence and Rest – A Healing Retreat for Osteopaths
Continuing Studies in Traditional Osteopathy

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Stillness, Silence and Rest – A Healing Retreat for Osteopaths
Continuing Studies in Traditional Osteopathy

The Monastery of Crêt Bérard, Puidoux, Switzerland
May 25-29, 2025

Course Instructor: Stephen Kisiel, DO
Course Coordinator: Bettina Rubin

Through lecture, discussion, contemplation, solitude, community, and hands-on osteopathic treatment we will explore various landscapes of healing to build deeper relationships with the presence of the Creative and Healing forces of the Tide in ourselves and, in treatment, through our patients. There will be a focus on both our individual and collective healing as a means toward nurturing our own healing journey, as well as a more deeply bonded community.

Topics may include:
• The Presence of Stillness
• Silence…
• Rest, Functional Reserve & Resting in the Light of the Health
• The Point of Nothingness

This retreat will be offered at an intermediate to advanced level and is geared toward experienced osteopaths who have completed at least Biodynamics of Osteopathy Phases I-VII, Pediatrics I-III or a Biodynamic focused Children’s Clinic curriculum. (Such as SOCK, BPSCO, Etc.)
Exceptions may be made on an individual basis.

Location is the beautiful monastery Crêt Bérard in Puidoux, Switzerland, a small town between Lausanne and Montreux. A sacred space where Dr. James Jealous often taught.

“We will gather for dinner together on Sunday, May 25 at 6:45pm followed by an evening welcome talk and contemplation.  Our retreat will conclude with Lunch at 1pm on Thursday, May 29.”

Cost: 850.00 Euro

Participants are encouraged to stay on the grounds of Crêt Bérard during the retreat.
Reasonable per-night accommodations are available:
• Single room shared bathroom CHF 81.-
• Single room private bathroom CHF 106.-
• Double or twin room private bathroom CHF 162.-

Food cost:
• Breakfast is included in the room cost.
• Lunch and snacks CHF 47.- x4 days
• Dinner 30.- x4 days

If you are interested in more information or to register,
please contact Bettina Rubin at

We are looking forward to share this wonderful experience together with you!