Sensing & Releasing Emotional Shock – Part 1+
Arlene Dijamco MD & James Gaydos DO

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Sensing & Releasing Emotional Shock – Part 1+
Arlene Dijamco MD & James Gaydos DO

THE DIG ON SERIES – Exploring Consciousness Through Osteopathy

The purpose of this series of osteopathic courses is to help integrate the Loving Heart, Innovative Mind, and Stillness of Spirit into osteopathy. Our mission is to help bring the digger and dreamer together so they are One.

As osteopathic physicians, we have the honor of working with all human beings in a way that empowers them to express their own Inner Light of Health.

We choose to start from the Stillness, the Infinite Potential of pure Loving Awareness. In being Still, we get to know ourselves better and allow ourselves TO BE the Truth of who we are – loving conscious beings, all precious emanations of the Oneness. And through this series, we step into the ease of Osteopathy such that “suns appear (where you never even saw a star.)”

\We look forward to connecting and sharing with you in this “sacred science of Osteopathy.”

✨And now, presenting an expanded version of our FOUNDATIONAL course…
Sensing & Releasing Emotional Shock – Part 1+
(see description below)


Both conscious and subconscious patterns of emotional trauma can be felt in the body’s tissues as structural associations. Stuck or unprocessed emotional and thought patterns contribute to both acute and chronic somatic and visceral dysfunctions.

Classically, osteopaths are taught to perceive the various strain patterns in bone, fluid, and membrane. This course will expand on those dimensions by helping you perceive the emotional layers directly and integrate them into the osteopathic treatment.

When appropriate, the stuck emotional and thought patterns can also be brought to the surface with “patient collaboration,” providing a fulcrum of sorts to aid in the release of the somatic, visceral, emotional, and thought disturbances.

By addressing these additional layers in our work, we can both speed up the treatment process as well as help patients access a greater depth of healing.

PREREQUISITES: Osteopaths and osteopathic practitioners with training and experience in cranial osteopathy and/ or biodynamics.

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