Sensing & Releasing Emotional Shock – Part 1
Arlene Dijamco MD & James Gaydos DO

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Sensing & Releasing Emotional Shock – Part 1
Arlene Dijamco MD & James Gaydos DO



Join us for a refreshing take on osteopathy. You’ve learned how to sense bone, fluid, and membrane. Let’s expand on those skills to tend to yet another vital dimension of health: the emotional body.

Both conscious and subconscious patterns of emotional trauma can be felt in the body’s tissues as structural associations. Stuck or unprocessed emotional and thought patterns contribute to both acute and chronic somatic and visceral dysfunctions.

Classically, osteopaths are taught to perceive the various strain patterns in bone, fluid, and membrane. This course will help you sense the emotional dimensions safely and integrate them into the osteopathic treatment.

When appropriate, the “stuck” emotional and thought patterns can also be brought to the surface with “patient collaboration,” providing a fulcrum of sorts to aid in the release of the somatic, visceral, emotional, and thought disturbances.

By addressing these additional dimensions in our work, we can help patients access a greater depth of healing and speed up the treatment process as well. 

PREREQUISITES: Osteopaths and osteopathic practitioners with training and experience in cranial osteopathy and/ or biodynamics.

Early-bird registration for Part 1 ends July 12th.

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Sensing & Releasing Emotional Shock – Part 2 Oct. 25-27, Vancouver, B.C.

Now that you can perceive the emotional body, there’s so much more…!

In PART 2, we will

  1. continue to explore Uncurling the Heart
  2. delve deeper into the limbicsystem
  3. explore the relationship of the organs, somatic dysfunction, and emotions
  4. sense the connection between Chapman’s points and the emotional body
  5. integrate the organ systems and rhythms of the body like an orchestra
  6. consider energetic cords, including those from birth
  7. honor generational and ancestral trauma
  8. explore the mitochondria and the maternal lineage

all while living in the Stillness and creating a healing nest of Love.


Edgar Cayce and the Embodiment of Consciousness – Part 3 of The Dig On Series
Jan. 10-12, 2025, Roswell, GA

In Part 3, we are going to delve into even more esoteric topics and make them tangible to the osteopathic experience.

Part 3 will be an exploration of Edgar Cayce and Embodiment of Consciousness within the realm of the Osteopathic treatment. Edgar Cayce was a huge proponent of osteopathy and referred many people to traditional osteopaths.

In this course we will go over

  1. Foundational Edgar Cayce concepts
  2. Consciousness and the lymph
  3. The soul and the nervous system
  4. The soul’s connection to the body
  5. Enhancing the body’s manifestation system
  6. Cayce remedies and the Osteopathic treatment