Power for Change

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Power for Change

This course will explore the latest research, in neuroscience on stress resilience and wellbeing, with an Osteopathic Biodynamic View.

Following a recent journey in the remote outback of Australia, while travelling through the ever-changing landscapes that have been shaped by rivers, seas, sun, wind and invisible forces over millions of years, one starts to sense an Invisible River of Life shaping life and form.

This Great River of Life has been used as a metaphor in many cultures and in Osteopathy. Dr Still referred to this in his book, Philosophy of Osteopathy

‘He who is able to reason will see that this great river of life must be tapped and the withering field irrigated at once, or the harvest of health be forever lost’ (Still, 1899)

This interactive course will explore:

  • A perceptual journey of the different aspects of the mind, and their effect on the physiology and treatment outcomes
  • How the body and mind, sense and respond to the this River of Life
  • What Dr Still meant by his metaphor ‘irrigating the withering fields’ in the light of the latest scientific research.
  • Long COVID and impact on stress reslience and wellbeing.
  • Breathing, interoception, exteroception and River of Life
  • Polyvagal theory and the effects on mental health from psycho-social chronic stress and elevated allostatic load- Osteopathic contribution to assist patients.
  • Relevance of stress response mediated by bones and multifactorial dynamic pathways involved.
  • Growth and development – the adolescent brain
  • The source of Power for therapeutic change

Please note the new start time, of 9.00 am on Thursday and finishing time of 6pm on Saturday to enable the new format of a 3 day course, with 20 CPD hours. Friday afternoon will be free to integrate the curriculum, process the treatments and be in nature.

By invitation. Please contact the course directors if you wish to attend.
Course Fee: AU$1,400 (inc. GST)
Deposit: AU$400 (inc. GST)