Nervous System Part 2- Bill Foley D.O.

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Nervous System Part 2- Bill Foley D.O.

Nervous Sysytem 2
William Foley D.O.

A healthy nervous system is integral for over all health and well being.  Without it, we see dysfunction in digestion, mood, hormones, the immune system, focus, cognition, and sleep just to name a few.  Nervous System Part 2 is a continuation of our exploration into the inter-relatedness of the central, autonomic, and enteric nervous systems.  No techniques will be taught but instead we will learn to “cooperate and communicate with the laws not framed by human hands.” We will treat the nervous system as it relates to the Whole.  Our awareness will be on the Natural aspects Primary Respiration.  We will observe that the nervous system heals within the Dynamic Stillness without process or time and watch it reborn in each moment while the Tide brings us the Life Force that rejuvenates us.

The content of the course, Nervous System Part 2, will include but is not limited to evaluation and treatment of the biodynamic sacrum, sacral plexus, segmental facilitation, autonomic balance, and the cochlear-vestibular organs.

Dr. Bill FoleyAbout Dr. Foley

Dr. William (Bill) Foley, D.O., M.Sc. has been practicing full-scope traditional osteopathic medicine since 2001. Dr. Foley has lectured at local, national, and international medical conferences for such groups as Harvard Medical School, the Osteopathic Cranial Academy, the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, the American Academy of Osteopathy, Melbourne Studies in Biodynamic Osteopathy, the Swiss Osteopathic Centre for Kids, and the Bavarian Pediatric School and Clinic for Traditional Osteopathy. He is also a member of the Berkshire Osteopathic Study Group and A Still Sutherland Study Group (ASSSG).

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