Embracing the Natural World – Jeffrey Etemad D.O.

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Embracing the Natural World – Jeffrey Etemad D.O.

CME: Pending Approval, Category 1A

We introduce a model that teaches direct communication with Primary Respiration. This is the basis of our work…To be an Osteopath is to choose a model for healing that embraces Nature.

We propose a model for the general practice of Osteopathy that applies equally to healing settings of people of all ages, all backgrounds —- one that goes well beyond the mechanical and palpation.

This 2 day course of study will involve some time spent at the tables working with a partner on day 2.

On day one, there will be an introduction to palpation viewed in a wider lens with the Natural World as a backdrop. The setting for the course, Tunnel Hill Ranch, is situated in a rural part of Marin County CA, in the town of Tomales, population 200.  Tunnel Hill Ranch is a 115-acre property that has been in our family for 48 years. We will ground our work in a context that allows palpation to be viewed from a wider perspective.

There will be ample opportunity for reflection and discussion as we conduct two simple labs after two short hikes to selected locations of the property.  We will attempt to acknowledge a deeper relationship with the tide by sensing the health in objects from the natural world representing both the plant and mineral kingdoms to assist with « seeing » the intelligence of the fluids at work.

At the end of day one we will arrive at the tables in the main house and do a short contemplation/meditation in preparation for our day 2 palpation table work.

We are planning to serve lunch both days, so please let us know if you have any allergies and/or food preferences.

Prerequisites: Biodynamic I-III and/or a 40 hour Basic Cranial course.