Midline and Ignition – Elizabeth Caron D.O.

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Midline and Ignition – Elizabeth Caron D.O.

CME: Anticipated 16 Category 1A CME Credits and NMM/OMM specialty credits.

We are only as functional as our relationship to midline. It is our orientation to ourselves and our surroundings and is intricately related to ignition on many levels. The ignition needs to be functioning so the midline can feed the whole and in in turn the midline feeds the ignition. It is reciprocal. This relationship of feeding and being fed from the Central Stillness, the ignition and beyond will be explored in interactive lectures and hands on practicals.

In addition, understanding that the midline is a central function rather than an anatomical structure and how segmentation and function of neuro, visceral, muscular and vascular elements occur in relation to midline will also be addressed.

Max capacity 18 students.

Recommended prerequisites: Phases I-IV

Course Fee: For registrations and payments received less than 90 days prior to the course the fee will be $625.00. Fee is discounted to $575.00 for early registrations and payments received 90 days prior to the course.

**Please note if you register for Dr. Caron’s two courses in May, The Hands, The Health and How We Move and Midline and Ignition there is a course discount to attend both of $925.00 if registered and paid more than 90 days prior to the course.