Midline, A Journey Home
Advanced Biodynamic Seminar in the Series
Finding Osteopathy
Jennifer Weiss D.O.

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Midline, A Journey Home
Advanced Biodynamic Seminar in the Series
Finding Osteopathy
Jennifer Weiss D.O.

CME: Pending approval for Category 1A CME Credits.

Exploration of the Midline is an advanced seminar in the Finding Osteopathy course series. Pre-requisites include an osteopathic training and Phases I-III. Phase IV is recommended but not required. If you think you may have equivalent experience, please reach out to Dr.Weiss.

In the Finding Osteopathy courses, participants will explore the history, philosophy, and living principles of traditional osteopathy and the biodynamic model. They will gain knowledge of anatomy, including embryologic processes and principles that are key to the healing capacity of the individual. We will explore applications of this knowledge to clinical practice. At the end of every course, participants will have developed increased competence in using biodynamic tools that can be applied to clinical practice. Category 1A CME is anticipated for these seminars.

Exploration of the Midline, A Journey Home, the course will be guided by participant knowledge and skill level, prior experience, and interests as we explore the following:

The use, and clinical efficacy of the midline as:

  • A key embryologic principle of motion and orientation
  • A suspended automatically shifting event
  • Fluid, Potency and Space

Anatomy: Midline embryonic and adult processes and structures  

  • Early embryologic midline activity ( weeks 1-4 of development)
  • Anterior Posterior and Middle Midlines
  • Adult Midline Structures: notocord, nucleous pulposus, gut tube, spinal canal,Neuropil….

Therapeutic efficacy of the of archetypal functions of midline

  • Third Principle
  • Homecoming
  • The Beacon: orienting, anchoring and other functions of the midline
  • The Horizon, the edges, and the center: how we find recognize Midline
  • The Elements and Midline

This course has a unique hybrid structure taking place over three sessions which include an interactive online session, a full day in-person retreat, and a touchstone session on zoom three weeks after our in-person sessions. Spaces are limited to ensure a replenishing environment with space for personal exploration and community support.

Course Schedule:

August 8th Online introductory session 6:30- 8:30 PST
August 10th Daylong In-person Retreat: Santa Rosa, CA
August 22nd Online touchstone session 6:30- 8:30 PST

What to Expect: During the first online session we’ll prepare for our full-day retreat including time for getting to know each other, lecture, discussion and a mini practical.

The in-person retreat will include two shared meals, time for rest and treatments and lecture and discussion time.
Finally, the touchstone session will take place two weeks from our retreat and allows participants the opportunity to return to the community and share success obstacles, questions and explorations. We’ll conclude with a final somatic journey to rest.

This course is sponsored by Osteopathic Health Access, a non-profit dedicated to increasing education and access to traditional osteopathy.

For more information and to register, please visit https://courses.osteopathichealthaccess.org