Foundations of Biodynamic Osteopathy – Richard Metliss D.O.

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Foundations of Biodynamic Osteopathy – Richard Metliss D.O.


  • Synchronising with the patient & afferent palpation/sensing
  • The nature of the observer, our observer and looking at where we are observing from & divided attention.
  • Periosteum of the bone, sensing the bones envelope.
  • The embryological origin of bone & periosteum.
  • Motion permitted, the functional motion testing of Dr. Jealous.
  • BMT, its origins from BLT thinking and BMT models development by Dr. Jealous
  • The Three Circles, Dr. Jealous map of the Biodynamic model.
  • Rebalancing, its development by Dr. Sutherland and his study group. Why it was needed and how it manages treatment side effects.
  • Introducing Motion Present & Neutral, key motifs of Phase 1.
  • Introduction to Biodynamic Embryology & the importance of Dr. Blechschmidt’s work and its place in the development of Biodynamic Osteopathy

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