Dominica Osteopathic Children’s Clinic – Stephen Kisiel D.O.

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Dominica Osteopathic Children’s Clinic – Stephen Kisiel D.O.

We are supporting Dr. Kisiel in the development of a Free Osteopathic Children’s Clinic in La Urena Dominican Republic in conjunction with the Dominica School and Orphanage where groups will be taken to work and train in Pediatric Osteopathy.  For more information click here.

We have developed a Free Osteopathic Children’s clinic in conjunction with the Dominica School and Orphanage in La Urena Dominican Republic. Trips to the clinic consist of three days of didactic teaching at a beautiful all-inclusive Caribbean resort followed by two days of an osteopathic general medical and OMT children’s clinic in La Urena at the orphanage. 

These trips will be done in small groups of up 12 Osteopaths to allow us all to work closely with individualized attention both in the didactic potions and while treating children at the clinic.

Our three day didactic portion is held at the beautiful all-inclusive Caribbean resort BeLive Canoa in Bayahibe. A place for peaceful relaxation and rejuvenation on the Caribbean Sea. Topics covered vary depending on the interest of the group and will include a deeper understanding of the Meeting Place, Service, Humility and the Presence & Flow of Unconditional Love. It addition we cover the unique aspects of treating in a group community setting with these special children.

Our two day clinic portion is held at the Dominica School and Orphanage in La Urena. Here we will, together, offer our osteopathic gifts in service to children of the orphanage and surrounding area. Generally we will treat together about 8-10 children at a time in the same room and Dr. Kisiel will be available during all treatments to assist and/or guide as needed. It is both a privilege and honor to be part of these group clinic experiences and makes for a wonderful leaning environment.

Our initial trip was February, 22-25 2016. We treated 164 beautiful children over the two days. It was a truly a transformational experience for all involved. We have followed this with trips each February and November.

We are now enrolling osteopaths in additional follow-up trips as it is our intention to continue our work in La Urena on an ongoing basis.

Course fee is $800 and includes transportation from the resort to the orphanage, three nights at hotel near the orphanage, food at the orphanage and dinner out the last night in downtown Santo Domingo. All profits from the course will go as a donation to the Dominica School and Orphanage.

BeLive Bayahibe is a wonderful place to bring family and friends for a winter holiday. Participants and their family/friends are welcome to come and leave the resort at any dates to extend your holiday. Anyone accompanying participants is welcome to join us at the orphanage and offer any of their unique gifts and talents to the children. Whether it be teaching a class, doing arts & crafts projects, music & dance, helping with needed repairs, painting or simply spending time with the children, these would all be very welcome and appreciated. The children of Dominica orphanage often come from very poor backgrounds with a frequent history of abuse and neglect. They are very loving children, hungry to share their smiles, hugs and laughter with anyone who would take the time to visit.

Those interested in this service oriented osteopathic experience may inquire at

***If you have a group of around 10 osteopaths who are interested in spending this time together please contact us and we will arrange specific trip dates and course for your group.

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