Biodynamics of Osteopathy, Phase I

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Biodynamics of Osteopathy, Phase I

Course Descriptions

Phase I - An introduction to a biodynamic model of O.C.F. motion present, BMT and balanced fluid tension.

Phase II - An in-depth perception of fluid dynamics at 2-3CPM. Rates. CV4-EV4 techniques. Automatic shifting

Phase III - Dural development up to full adult. Intramembranous shearing. Work with the long tide. The anterior dural girdle and its clinical significance. Tempo and humility.

Phase IV - The midline as a therapeutic force. The reciprocal tension of the potency. The ignition.

Phase V - The embryological development of the face. Evaluation and treatment of the face and cranium through embryological fluid segments.

Phase VI - Treatment of the extremities using Sutherland’s power points. (Dr. Ruby Day’s explanation of W.G. Sutherland’s use of potency inside bones.)

Phase VII - Finding the Health. Feeling the physical presence and substance of the perfect form.

Phase VIII - The Void, Love and Healing, Wholeness as a living reality.

Phase IX - This course embraces precision and decision making in severe CNS trauma. It also explores using principles rather than a specific method. This course requires that individuals have completed Phases I-VIII and have been in practice for a minimum of 10 years.