BioBasics 2024 – United States

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BioBasics 2024 – United States

An Exploration of the Biodynamic Model of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

May 31- June 3, 2024
Highland Lake Resort, Bridgton, ME
Course Director: Craig Goldberg, DO
CME: Approved for 18.75 AOA Category 1A CME Credits.

The philosophy, principles and practice of Osteopathy are as vast as the cosmos.

Please join us as we explore these deep and subtle natural healing forces so that we can increase our Osteopathic perception, skills and abilities together.

This course is like no other. With a typical instructor to student ratio of 1:2, it is nearly impossible to avoid learning new ways of being and new ways of treating each other and our patients.

Designed to benefit both those who are new and those who are experienced with this approach, BioBasics presents an atmosphere of acceptance, welcoming, sharing and gratitude for all.

All medical students, interns, residents and practicing physicians are most welcome!

Craig Goldberg, DO
Course Director

** Please do not pay for the course until you have received a confirmation from Marnee that you are accepted into the course. Thank you.

About the BioBasics Program

The BioBasics program has been designed to offer an educational experience on the foundational principles in Osteopathy to medical students and residents at a reasonable cost.  Additionally, many physicians have also taken advantage of this wonderful educational opportunity. Our intent is to create a dynamic living curriculum, which reflects the principles of Osteopathy in a general practice setting.

BioBasics offers a transitional methodology for the Biodynamic approach to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, as we explore these principles together in both the lecture and practical session formats. The course is also designed with a gentle tempo that allows ample time for rest and recreation. We are gratified to have this opportunity to welcome you to become part of an Osteopathic community that is devoted to keeping Traditional Osteopathy alive through exploration, devotion and service.

Our faculty is comprised of DOs and MDs from all over the world. This group volunteers their time for the course and have functioned as a community invested in the teaching of Osteopathy in our schools, hospitals, and national organizations for many years. This course provides a unique opportunity for mentoring with its teacher to participant ratio of 1:2. All of the faculty at this course are oriented to the general practice of Osteopathy and are fully trained in Biodynamics.

Tentative Schedule (updated 2/28/24)

Friday, May 31

11am – 12 Noon: Faculty Meeting

12 Noon-1pm: Registration for Course Participants

1-2 pm: Opening Lecture, The Health – Craig Goldberg, DO

2pm-4pm: The Health Lab, Craig Goldberg, DO

4pm-4:15pm Break

4:15-5pm Post Lab Discussion

5pm – Adjourn

Saturday, June 1st

8:30 – 9:30am: Panel Discussion – Principles of Treatment, Questions and Answers
Panel Members: Donald Hankinson, DO, Keelyn Wu, DO, Noel Pense, DO, Donna Crowther, DO

9:30-9:45am: Break

9:45-10:30am: Lecture – Neutral – John Coppinger, DO

10:30am-12:00pm – Neutral Lab – John Coppinger, DO

12:00-12:15pm – Break

12:15pm-1pm – Lecture: Motion Present – Elizabeth Caron, DO

1pm-2:15pm – Motion Present Lab – Elizabeth Caron, DO

2:15pm – Adjourn to Nature

Sunday, June 2nd

8:30-9:45am: Panel Discussion – The Zones
Panel Members: John Coppinger, DO, Jacey Goddard, DO, Daniel Gibbons, DO, Veera Motashaw, DO, Bob Bishop, DO

9:45-10:00 Break

10:00-10:45am: Lecture – Breathing and Stillness – Steve Kisiel, DO

10:45am-12:00 noon – Breathing and Stillness Lab – Steve Kisiel, DO

12:00pm-2pm – Lunch Break

2pm-2:45pm – Lecture: Primary Respiration – Jacey Goddard, DO

2:45-4pm – Primary Respiration Lab – Jacey Goddard, DO

4:15pm-5pm – Group Discussion. Discussion Leader: John Coppinger, DO

5:00pm – Adjourn

Monday, June 3rd

8:30-8:40am – Intro to Day Four: Craig Goldberg, DO

8:40-9:45am –Panel Discussion: Questions and Answers
Panel Members: Elizabeth Caron, DO, Steve Kisiel, DO, Heather Sharkey, DO, Line Savard, DO, Marc Nadeau, DO

9:45-10:00am – Break

10:00-10:45am – Rebalancing Lecture – Donald Hankinson, DO

10:45am -11:45pm – Rebalancing Lab – Donald Hankinson, DO

11:45pm-12:30pm – Treatments by and for Faculty as needed

12:30pm – Conclusion of the course

* NOTE* The Saturday and Sunday afternoon schedules may be interchanged depending on the weather.

Current BioBasics 2024 faculty and table trainers

Judith Alrich D.O.
Robert Bishop D.O.
Elizabeth Caron D.O.
John Coppinger D. O.
Donna Crowther D.O.M.P.
Steve Curtin D.O.
Leanne Evans
Leslie Gass D.O.
Daniel Gibbons D.O.
Jacey Goddard D.O.
Craig Goldberg D.O.
Angela Greco D.O.M.P.
Donald Hankinson D.O.|
Jennifer Highland D.O.
Tasha Hofmann D.O.
Stephen Kisiel D.O.
Veera Motashaw D.O.
Marc Nadeau D.O.
Maria Patten D.O.
Noel Pense D.O.
Heidi Rasmussen M.D.
Line Savard D.O.
Heather Sharkey D.O.
Kristin Thom D.O.
Jonathan Varghese D.O. (QC)
Keelyn Wu D.O.

** Please do not pay for the course until you have received a confirmation from Marnee that you are accepted into the course. Thank you.

Medical Students






** Please do not pay for the course until you have received a confirmation from Marnee that you are accepted into the course. Thank you.