Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Waking the Sleeping Brain Boss – Elizabeth Caron D.O. & James B. Hale Ph.D.

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Waking the Sleeping Brain Boss – Elizabeth Caron D.O. & James B. Hale Ph.D.

Osteopathic Healthcare Brings Brain Literacy Presentations to Talent
for health care practitioners, school educators, and families 

Presenters: James B. Hale, Ph.D. & Elizabeth Caron, D.O.
Location: Osteopathic Healthcare, 201 N. Pacific, Talent, OR 97540
541-897-4445,, Masks optional.

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 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Waking the Sleeping Brain Boss

April 27, 2023; 6:00pm-8:00pm (2 Hours; $20.00)

Children can have attention problems for various reasons, but how does one know if it is ADHD, and how best to treat it? Dr. Hale will present the latest ADHD research, including his own work on
ADHD medication response. Reviewing that “true” ADHD is a “brain boss” problem, Dr. Hale will highlight how the problem with ADHD is executive control of attention, not basic attention. Stimulant medication, the most common treatment, works by waking up this “brain boss” to control the rest of the brain. By maximizing the cognition of a student with ADHD with medication, and using other interventions, including physical exercise, learning strategy instruction, social skills instruction, and behavior management, we can maximize both academic and behavioral outcomes for children with ADHD. Dr. Caron will provide her perspective on serving children with ADHD, and lead the Q&A discussion that follows the


James B. (Brad) Hale, ABPdN.  Dr. Hale is a board-certified pediatric neuropsychologist, licensed psychologist, certified school psychologist, and certified special education teacher.  He has over 50 peer-reviewed publications and has presented his brain literacy work world-wide. He received his Med from the University of Illinois, PhD from Loyola University Chicago, and Post-doctoral fellowship in Pediatrics at The Ohio State University. His research as a professor and scientist-practitioner attests to the importance of brain plasticity, where the goal is remediating and overcoming or mitigating disability, not compensating for it.

Dr. Elizabeth Caron Dr. Caron is an Osteopathic physician board certified
in neuromusculoskeletal, Osteopathic manipulative, integrative, and pain medicine. Special interest are pediatrics, maternal care, and general practice. She has taught Osteopathic Medicine world-wide on the
biodynamic faculty, as well as in the Academic setting at Good Samaritan and St. Barnabas hospitals.  With over 20 years on faculty at multiple Osteopathic colleges, clinical practice and teaching, she has treated Osteopathically: traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, post concussive syndrome, AADHD, autism and more. She has a special interest in brain function.