Tom Esser M.Sc. Ost., G.Os.C.-GB, D.O., M.R.O.

About Tom Esser M.Sc. Ost., G.Os.C.-GB, D.O., M.R.O.

  • German Naturepath (naturepathic doctor/Heilpraktiker) since 1993
  • Teaching osteopathic Pediatrics since 1995
  • Graduation of Osteopathic College 1996 (SCOM)
  • Director of the „Osteopathisches Zentrum für Kinder“ since 1997
  • Founder and Director of the „Berliner Schule für Osteopathie“ (1998-2000)
  • British Osteopath since 2000 (General Osteopathic Council´s Register)
  • Teacher for the „IFAO Osteopathie Schule” (2000-2005)
  • International Affiliate member of the AAO since 2001 (membership number 7091)
  • Co-Author of the book „Komplementäre Augenheilkunde“ (Hippokrates Verlag, 2005)
  • Founder and Director of the Corelink GmbH (produces osteopathic media since 2006)
  • Authorized teacher for Biodynamics of Dr. Jealous since 2008; teaches in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and for special courses also in other countries
  • Master of Science in Osteopathy, University of Grennwich/England, 2011
  • Author of the book on Glaucoma „Glaukom aus Sicht der Osteopathie“ (Corelink Verlag, 2019)
  • Editor and Co-Author of the book „Das große Jealous-Kompendium“ (Corelink Verlag, 2021)

Continued education:

  1. Jean-Pierre Barral D.O.: More than 15 courses from 1987-2005
  2. Viola Frymann D.O.: More than 10 courses from 1997-2005
  3. James S. Jealous D.O.: More than 50 courses from 1998 to 2019 and assistance in more than 30 courses
  4. Many conventions with the American Academy of Osteopathy
  5. Many conventions with the Verband der deutschen Osteopathen (VOD)
Tom Esser M.Sc. Ost., G.Os.C.-GB, D.O., M.R.O.

Practice Address

Osteopathisches Zentrum fuer Kinder, Fuerstenplatz 3, 14052 Berlin, Germany

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