Stephane Fernandez D.O.

About Stephane Fernandez D.O.

Osteopath and instructor

Stéphane FERNANDEZ interrupted his involvement in education, as a teaching assistant and
then a lecturer at osteopathic colleges, in order to further develop his work and training in

Since 2001, alongside Françoise DESROSIERS DO, at the Faculté d’enseignement du
modèle biodynamique founded by Dr. James JEALOUS DO, he has been training to become
an instructor of this osteopathic practice. Trained and accredited by James JEALOUS to teach
this curriculum, Stephane joined the teaching faculty as teacher in 2016.

Co-organizing and lecturing for presentations of the “Biobasics” biodynamic osteopathic
model in Italy, France, Brazil, and UK, he has participated in research and worked on
furthering understanding of the legacy of the founders of osteopathy working within “Study
Groups” in, France, Canada.

Pediatric and perinatal osteopathy hold an essential and increasingly important place in
private practice since the creation of a teaching curriculum in this field, available since 2006
in France, Switzerland and Russia.

In parallel to his osteopathic practice, he continues to study anatomy and embryology and has
studied the work of Professeur BLECHSCHMIDT through the teachings of Pr GASSER
(assistant and co-author of Blechschmidt’s work) as well as course offerings by J.P.

Post-graduate and workshops :
Susann TURNER DO ( pediatric 2003 -2004 2007) –
Dr Viola FRYMAN DO ( 2009 – 2010 ) Dissections
Laboratoire d’anatomie Faculté de Bordeaux fr  ( 1992 to 1994 and 1998 to 2001)
Faculté des Saint-pères Paris fr  ( 1995 to 2000).

Professional activity:
Private practice and fondator of Health Center in Bordeaux France since 1998.

As ex-ballet dancer he naturally became in charge of osteopathic care for dancers and artists
at « Ballet opéra de Bordeaux » (france) and « Ballet opera de geneve » (Switzerland).
Also in charge of osteopathic care for french pole-vault team and other international athletes
since 2010.

Course direction for odontology faculty in Bordeaux (2017 to 2021).
Lecturing and travelling with Dr Agnes NADJAR PhD in the area of neurosciences since

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Bordeaux, France

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