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About Jennifer Weiss D.O.

Dr. Weiss has been practicing traditional osteopathy since 2000 and has been faculty at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine since 2006. She is board certified in Family medicine, fellowship trained in functional medicine, and has more than 20 years of training directly with Dr. James Jealous in the Biodynamic Model. She is currently an authorized faculty member of the biodynamic model of osteopathy and the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development at Touro University and assistant professor.

In addition to her work as a faculty member of the biodynamic phase and pediatric courses, Dr. Weiss worked with Dr. Jealous on his writing and is the editor of Osteopathic Odyssey by Dr. James Jealous. She is currently working on a book that further explores biodynamic concepts.

Dr. Weiss has been a writer forever and an educator since 1990 serving in various roles including lecturer, table trainer, lab facilitator, course director, curriculum director, and now Assistant Dean. She currently offers online classes as well as in-person seminars in the biodynamic model, facilitates faculty development training in academic medicine and traditional osteopathy, and hosts webinars on primary care, COVID, PASC, and Mast Cell Activating Disorder.

Her work with patients is focused on health and wholeness. Understanding the wholeness of each of us as body-mind-spirit-beings, living in a body, in an environment, and in a community, she recognizes that the nourishment and healing needed can be on any or all of these levels – the body, the psyche the soul, the mind or the spirit. Therefore, her approach to each person is to seek their strengths, and indwelling capacity to heal using an integrative process centered on biodynamic osteopathic principles and practice.

If you are interested in training with Dr. Weiss, or being a patient, please visit the website.

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