Christian Sullivan DO, MSCCO, AFPO, PGCE

About Christian Sullivan DO, MSCCO, AFPO, PGCE

Christian began his journey with osteopathy as a 6 year old, when taken to see an osteopath in the 1960’s for a spinal curvature! Returning to osteopathy a little later he graduated in 1989, and began working in family osteopathic practice whilst continuing ongoing postgraduate study, a habit he continues to this day!

Christian worked at the London based Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC) for several years in the early 90’s, developing his pediatric osteopathy skills, before founding and directing a children’s clinic in his hometown for 12 years, The Sunrise Osteopathic Centre for Kids. He met Dr Jealous at the London OCC in 1991 and has continued a lifetime relationship of study, friendship and professional mentoring with him. Visiting the USA many times for postgraduate study, he invited Dr Jealous to teach his Biodynamics program in the UK from the mid 90’s and directed these courses with him for many years.

In 2002 Dr Jealous invited Christian to join his international faculty and teach the Biodynamics program, which he does  in the UK and internationally to this day.

Whilst teaching, and “semi retirement” takes up the majority of his time, Christian remains available for consultation at his Wiltshire, UK, based practice, where he very much enjoys his remaining family practice alongside a group of several other professional osteopathic colleagues.

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15a Church Street, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA151AR, UK

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+44 1225-868282

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