Charlie Riedl D.O., M.Sc

About Charlie Riedl D.O., M.Sc

from 1983 Physio- and Manualtherapist, Sportsphysiotherapist of the German Sports Federation
from 1989 Osteopathy in Germany, Belgium, France, GB, Netherlands; grad. D.O.
from 1992 international lecturer, various publications
since 1996 Study of Acupuncture & Auriculotherapy in Germany & Austria
1999-2010 Docent of The European Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
2000-2006 Founder & Director of the Health- and Wellness Center Onda-Revital, Isle of Madeira, Portugal
from 2001 Biodynamics
from 2004 Pediatric Osteopathy, University of Wales; grad. M.Sc.
from 2010 Editor and Author of Osteopathic textbooks
from 2011 Founder & Director of the Bavarian School & Clinic for Traditional Osteopathy


Editor / author of:

  • Os­teo­pa­thie in der Frau­en­heil­kun­de, Elsevier 2010
  • Osteopathische Behandlung von Kindern, Hippocrates 2010
  • An Osteopathic Odyssey, German translation 2018
  • Wooliebunger and the adventures of Moofi, German translation 2019
Charlie Riedl D.O., M.Sc

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