Arturas Jasinskas D.O., M.D.

About Arturas Jasinskas D.O., M.D.

A graduate of the Kaunas Medical University, Lithuania (1994), I got qualified as a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation in 1999.  I obtained my basic osteopathic degree from the French-Latvian Higher Osteopathic School in 1999 as well. As of 2002, I have been teaching osteopathy in the Residency Program of the University of Latvia, Riga. I took my first course in Biodynamics in 2008. Overall, I have attended more than 4000-hours’ worth of postgraduate seminars in osteopathy. In 2016, I joined the Biodynamic faculty with Dr. James Jealous and started teaching Biodynamic courses in Latvia.

A father of 4, and a grandfather to 2 kids, I dedicate my free time to my family and hobbies: music, yoga and qigong. Having acquired significant experience in teaching and practicing osteopathy, I started a series of unique seminars “Path Towards Stillness” aimed at improving practitioners’ perceptual skills in 2008.

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