James Gaydos D.O.

About James Gaydos D.O.

I came into Osteopathy with a Martial Arts background. My Dad was injured in the War, and was always interested in his own rehabilitation, nutrition and meditation, so osteopathy was a natural choice.

I met Dr Jealous in my first semester at New England, and because that first year, I had tested out of everything except for Anatomy and Physiology, I was able to spend a lot of time in his office and on home visits, and see a traditional general practice, that provided rural community care.

Dr Jealous was an inspiring and intuitive teacher, and a wonderful and loving person. He advocated spending time in Nature, and actually taught me osteopathy through ‘reading the woods’, as well as the river, as he was an avid fly fisherman. Working in the woods, side-by-side, largely in silence was another of his tools. All of this was his preparation for ‘reading the patient’ once in his office.

As a student, his office in North Bridgton, ME, was large enough that I was able to see patients with him, and then later, as my own patients. It was a unique learning experience.

Several years after graduation, I would return to share a practice with Jim (as many of his patients called him), which was a busy 5 years of practice, where he made himself available on a daily basis for questions and patient consults.

Many of the ideas that we discussed were the early foundation of the Biodynamic Osteopathic teachings that he later refined. I was fortunate to take all of the Biodynamic Courses (except Phase IX) with Dr Jealous several times, as the Courses were always expanding and refining, as they continue today with his many Faculty.

Dr Jealous introduced me to Anne Wales during my early years at New England, and I was able to study with her and remain in contact with the core group of wonderful and dedicated practitioners who continue teaching what she learned from William Garner Sutherland DO, in a “hand-over-hand” tradition. The A Still- Sutherland Study Group provides in-depth studies in the work of Dr Sutherland and is a resource for those interested in this vital work.

During my years in Public Health Service, I developed a close friendship with Louis (Lou) Hasbrouck DO, who was close friends with Dr Jealous, and practiced Osteopathy when Penicillin and Aspirin were in frequent use. Lou had a practical and innovative mind, a love of Osteopathy, and was famous for his many aphorisms and analogies to get his point across.

I had a practice in Vermont for 16 years and after my Mom’s passing, decided to move to California, where I am at present.

I have a clinical interests in Nutrition, Sleep, and Internal Medicine. I have much interest in gravitational strains, especially involving the feet, Visual Strains and the effects of corrective lens, as well as tinted lenses, on Health. I also have experience with dental strain, identifying bite strain and failed dental appliances.

Recently, I have met Arlene Dijamco MD, who specializes in sensing and releasing emotional shock, and together we are teaching an Intermediate-level Course of the same name, that explores emotional strain as the fulcrum for many chronic injuries.

Specialties / Certifications

BC- Osteopathic Family Practice
BC- Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

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2900 Camino Diablo, Ste 200 Walnut Creek, CA 94597-3993

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