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About Dr. Tasha Turzo DO FCA

Dr. Tasha Turzo DO FCA, graduated from Western University, Pomona, California in 1994 where she received a Post Graduate Osteopathic Manual Medicine/Anatomy Fellowship. She completed her internship at the UCSF Family Medicine Residency. She has been in private practice since 1995 practicing osteopathy, homeopathy, functional medicine, prolotherapy/PRP and specializing in craniofacial dysfunctions.Dr. Turzo is a Fellow of the Cranial Academy. Dr. Turzo has been teaching expensively in the field of craniofacial dysfunctions since 1997. She began co-treating patients with Dr. Nordstrom (creator of the ALF appliances) since 1995. She is a founding member of AEI (ALF Educational Institute) and has taught over 35 weekend course to osteopaths, dentists and myofunctional therapist since 2015. Dr. Turzo is an internationally recognized expert in the application of osteopathy and functional dentistry, with a focus on the use of the Advance Lightwire Functional (ALF) devices and TMD. Dr. Turzo is the author of “The ALF Approach” and currently has an “on demand” 11 hour course “The ALF Approach.”

Specialties / Certifications

Certified in Prolotherapy/PRP
Certified in Classical Homeopathy
Began studying with Dr. Jealous in 1991 and have completed Phases I-VII several times as well the completed Pediatrics series. Teaching Faculty for BioBasics in the late 1990’s.

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550 Water Street Suite K-4 Santa Cruz, California 95060

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