Dianne Leighton Mummery, DOMP

About Dianne Leighton Mummery, DOMP

Specialties / Certifications

Creation of ‘The Art of Osteopathy’ series: The Art of Transparency; The Art of Listening; The Art of Stillness
Table trainer for Biobasics, Phases I-VII.

Phases I-9, Paediatrics I-3 with Dr Jealous
Phases I-9 with Dr Olixn Adams
Phase 8 with Francoise Desrosiers
Phase 7 with Robyn Seamer and Manuela Da Rin
Phase 7 with Christian Sullivan
Phases 4-7 with Dr Donald Hankinson


Practitioner Address

269 Ontario Street Stratford, Ontario N5A 3H6 Canada

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