Osteopathic Children’s Clinics and Courses

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Bavarian Pediatric School

To keep and continue the Osteopathic Tradition in the Spirit of Dr. A.T. Still and his close following of students, some years ago the idea was born to establish a Pediatric School in Landsberg am Lech, which is a small town close to Munich, Bavaria.

On one side there is this great demand for Osteopathic treatments of kids and their families and on the other side is Dr. Jealous` Biodynamic model the most beautiful approach, continuation and development in the context of the Old Osteopathic Doc`s Philosophy and Science.

Being our Mentor, we had to ask him for help and support. As the Academic and Operating Director he determines and characterizes the program with his unique Osteopathic concept.

The students of the Bavarian Biodynamic Pediatric School & Clinic are trained to step in or deepen Dr. Jealous` Biodynamic model including a children‘s clinic – where fifty young patients a day are waiting to be treated under the guidance of well experienced teachers that Dr. Jealous is selecting.

The whole program is a continuation course of three years, with three courses a year containing a three days lecture and a one day children`s clinic.

For further information please contact Angela Schleupen D.O., M.Sc. & Charlie Riedl D.O., M.Sc.

Hauptstrasse 23, D-86877 Walkertshofen
Phone: +49 (0) 8239 9600800
Mail: info@bpsco.org

Dominica Children’s Clinic

Dominica Osteopathic Children’s Clinic

We are supporting Dr. Kisiel in the development of a Free Osteopathic Children’s Clinic in La Urena Dominican Republic in conjunction with the Dominica Osteopathic Children’ Clinic where groups will be taken to work and train in Pediatric Osteopathy.

BioBasics Germany

OZK Osteopatisches Zentrum für Kinder

The osteopathic center for children in Berlin is run by Tom Esser M.Sc. Ost. DO has been managing and offering osteopathic children’s treatments and osteopathic training for over 25 years at home and abroad.

To learn more, visit their website: osteopathie1.de


Swiss Osteopathic Center for Kids (SOCK)

Osteopathic treatment for children

Part of the osteopathic treatment for children program is the SOCK Clinic. It is a wonderful meeting place where children and their parents are treated by dedicated fully licensed osteopaths who are following the training program. It gives the opportunity to students to treat children under supervision of the teacher and forms an ideal setting to exchange knowledge and expertise in the osteopathic treatment of children.

To treat a child is all about love and respect for a child. It’s not about forcing our will on what we think is right for them. By using very soft techniques tension can be resolved and balance will be restored in the child.

For the treatment of children and their family there’s no fee obligation. A contribution as a gift is always welcome to guarantee the continuity.

Students of the SOCK program can make an appointment for a patient by sending an email to info@traditionalosteopathycourses.com