Celebrating 150 Years of Osteopathy


A. T. Still, DO

Date Posted

June 25, 2024

“Twenty-four years ago, the 22nd day of next June, at 10 O’clock, I saw a small light in the horizon of truth. It was put into my hand, as I understood, by the God of nature. Like a burst of sunshine, the whole truth dawned on my mind:

Through all the darksome night I lay enchained by slumber’s thrall, but with the first faint flushing of the dewy morn I arose and wandered forth. All nature seemed to wait in hushed expectancy. With the iron hand of will I barred the gate of memory, shut out the past with all its old ideas.

My soul took on receptive attitude, my ear was tuned to Nature’s rhythmic harmony. Afar o’er billows of the briny deep I saw faint shafts of light arise, enriching with rosy tint the pallor of the dawn. I saw the red disc of the sun peep forth, then spring— full-orbed and fiery—from night’s embrace, and kiss the world to waking beauty. My spirit was overwhelmed with the unmeasurable magnitude of the Divine plan on which the universe is constructed.

Standing on the border of the land where waves from fancy’s sea break on the shores of fact, I saw with mental orb a beauteous vision in the sky. With pen of truth dipped boldly in imagination’s ruddy ink, I paint the picture as it came to me… With reverential eyes I saw this part of a whole, whose beginning and end we know not! – this branch of the universal life that throbs and pulses through every vein of nature and guides each atom on its way throughout the countless ages of eternity.

This life is law and Osteopathy its latest clause that teaches us its magnitude, and doth direct and guide creation’s crowning work—the living man—unto his perfect right, unchanging Health.”

– A. T. Still, DO