Das große Jealous-Kompendium (in German)





Das große Jealous-Kompendium (in German)

(The great Jealous Compendium)


Book Details

  • Format: Hardcover / about 700 pages
  • ISBN 13: 978-3-944489-13-1
  • Language: German
  • Price: 159,00 Euro plus shipping

This book is a compilation and essence of the work of Dr. James Jealous D.O., put together in German by Tom Esser D.O.

It got authorized by Dr. Jealous in 2019 and Jim wrote the foreword in 2020.


This book consists an homage to Dr. Jealous, a foreword from Dr. Jealous and Tom Esser, an introductory chapter by Tom Esser, 25 Audio-CDs translated and edited, 4 interviews, aphorisms of Dr. Jealous, excerpts from his book “An Osteopathic Odyssey”, quotes from Still, Sutherland and other authors which Jim liked, a few quotes from other osteopaths, a curriculum vitae from Dr. Jealous and Tom Esser, an appendix which includes the whole text of remembrance, a glossary, list of suggested readings, index.

About the Editor

Tom Esser D.O. has been a student since 1997 and an authorized teacher of Biodynamics since 2008. He is author of the book “Glaucoma from the Perspective of Osteopathy” (the book is available in English, German and Russian). He is co-author from the book “Komplementäre Augenheilkunde”. He has been running an osteopathic pediatric clinic since more than 25 years and has been teaching osteopathy since early 1990s.

To order this book please contact Tom Esser at mail@osteopathie1.de