Foundations: Introductory Biodynamic Seminar in the
Finding Osteopathy Series
Jennifer Weiss D.O.

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Foundations: Introductory Biodynamic Seminar in the
Finding Osteopathy Series
Jennifer Weiss D.O.

CME: Pending approval for Category 1A CME Credits.

In the Finding Osteopathy courses, participants will explore the history philosophy and living principles of traditional osteopathy and the biodynamic model. They will gain knowledge of anatomy, including embryologic processes and principles that are key to the healing capacity of the individual. At the end of every course, participants will have developed increased competence in using biodynamic tools that can be applied to clinical practice. Category 1A CME is anticipated for these seminars.

Foundations is an entry-level course in the Finding Osteopathy Series which discusses traditional osteopathy from a biodynamic perspective by exploring the philosophy and history of core principles including how the term biodynamic is used by great thinkers in and outside the osteopathic tradition. Students will have a chance to learn and apply key anatomy principles and perceptual tools to clinical practice. The course structure is designed to facilitate integration of the material learned directly into clinical practice. Participants are also encouraged to apply course principles to their own professional and personal developmental processes.

This course has a unique hybrid structure taking place over three sessions which include a interactive online session, a full day in person retreat and a touchstone session on zoom three weeks after our in person sessions.

Spaces are limited to ensure a replenishing environment with space for personal exploration and community support.

• Some experience with osteopathic principles and practice.
• Medical training as a DO or MD
• Training at an Osteopathic Institution
• *** This class is not appropriate for MD’s who have not had any training in the use of their hands to diagnose and treat osteopathically. If you are in this category and have interest in introductory courses, please connect with me for resources.

Who Should Take this Class:
• Anyone with training in using their hands to diagnose and treat with an interest in gaining more skills and knowledge.
• Anyone in practice with curiosity about biodynamic principles and tools for increased efficacy.
• Anyone who has had some training in biodynamic courses such as BioBasics, or Phases I_III with an interest in deepening their understanding and sharpening their skills.
• Participants should have some training using their hands to treat and diagnose. If you are unsure if you have appropriate training, please use the contact form on the checkout page to let us know what training you’ve had before enrolling.

• **** While Foundations is an introductory course in the Finding Osteopathy Series, even those with prior training in the biodynamic model will find the approach and practice useful. Please reach out if you have questions about how this course might support you.

Course Schedule

July 25th Online introductory session 6:30- 8:30 PST
July 27th Full Day in Person Retreat
August 15th Online touchstone session 6:30- 8:30 PST

What to Expect: During the first online session we’ll prepare for our full-day retreat including time for getting to know each other, lecture, discussion and a mini practical.

The full-day session will include two shared meals, time for rest and treatments and lecture and discussion time.

Finally, the touchstone session will take place three weeks from our retreat and allows participants the opportunity to return to the community and share success obstacles, questions and explorations. We’ll conclude with final somatic journey to rest.

This course is sponsored by Osteopathic Health Access

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